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Move following your freedom

Rent an e-bike

Whether you are a private individual or own a acility, call us and rent your ebike. Our bikes are all bi-cushioned fantasy bikes with the best accessories and all the equipment required by law. We have EMTB for adults but also for children.
Safety and comfort are guaranteed!


Ebike truck

Just call us and WE will come to you! #webringittoyou
Our “Truck Van EBT” will take care of taking your bike wherever you want.
In all hotels, b & b, farmhouses, campsites, accommodation facilities or wherever you prefer!
Spend a day on an ebike!
Just tell us where to bring it, and where to pick it up.


Ebike Tours: we explore without polluting

Discovering Marche by riding a bike gives you a new perspective! We explore Monte Conero and its woods, beaches, country roads, rows of vines, and the majesty of Sibillin.